ArcticPod™ Water Chiller for Ice Bath
ArcticPod™ Water Chiller for Ice Bath
ArcticPod™ Water Chiller for Ice Bath
ArcticPod™ Water Chiller for Ice Bath
ArcticPod™ Water Chiller for Ice Bath
ArcticPod™ Water Chiller for Ice Bath
ArcticPod™ Water Chiller for Ice Bath
ArcticPod™ Water Chiller for Ice Bath



ArcticPod™ Water Chiller for Ice Bath

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The ArcticPod Water Chiller is the ultimate solution for your ice bath needs. With a built-in pump and filter, it ensures the water remains clean, clear and cold. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, its quiet operation won't disturb your peace. Compatible with all ArcticPod ice bath models (80 gallons max water volume), this chiller elevates your cold therapy experience.

According to customer feedback, 89% of customers who bought the water chiller experienced exceptional water temperature maintenance.

Additionally, 46% of customers reported a significant reduction in ice consumption with their ice bath.

"The ArcticPod Water Chiller's ability to maintain the perfect water temperature throughout my ice baths is incredible! No more worrying about melting ice or frequent refills. It has truly transformed my cold therapy routine."
Matthew, New York City


Built-in Pump and Filter - Ensures clean and clear water for a refreshing ice bath experience.

 Capable of Reaching 41-50°F - Both models of Chiller are cable of reaching the optimal ice-bath temperature of 50-60°F.

 2 Different Models For Different Needs - We offer the Chiller Pro and Chiller Pro MAX to accommodate everyones needs. Check out the differences below.

Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use - Versatile design to suit your preferred ice bath location.

Quiet Operation - Enjoy your cold therapy sessions without any disturbing noise.

Works with all Ice Bath Models and Regular Bathtubs - Flexibility for various ice bath setups.

Maintains Water Temperature - Say goodbye to melting ice and frequent water replacements.

Easy Installation and Setup - Hassle-free process for quick and convenient use.

Energy-efficient - Designed to save power and reduce operating costs.

Durable and Long-lasting - Constructed with high-quality materials for reliable performance.

Why Is This An Essential Upgrade For The ArcticPod

The ArcticPod Water Chiller redefines the ice bath experience, making it an indispensable tool for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking the benefits of cold therapy. Its built-in pump and filter ensure the water stays clean, maintaining hygiene during prolonged use. With its versatile indoor and outdoor compatibility, you can enjoy ice baths in any setting.

The chiller's quiet operation ensures peaceful sessions, allowing you to focus on the therapeutic benefits without distractions. Compatible with all ice bath models and regular bathtubs, it offers unmatched flexibility and usability. Plus, it effectively maintains the water temperature, eliminating the need for frequent water replacements and saving time and resources.

This product is a game-changer for individuals seeking optimum recovery, injury relief, and enhanced well-being. It empowers you to embrace the power of cold therapy conveniently in the comfort of your home or during outdoor adventures.

Which Chiller Should I Choose?

We offer 2 varieties of chiller: the Chiller Pro and the Chiller Pro MAX. Each chiller is capable of reaching the ideal Ice-bath temperature of approximately 50-60°F. Use the highlighted features below to help decide which chiller is most suitable for your needs.



The Perfect Upgrade for The ArcticPod

Please note that this item does not contain the 'ArcticPod - Recovery Ice Bath Tub'.

This listing is for the 'ArcticPod™ Water Chiller' which is designed to work alongside the 'ArcticPod - Recovery Ice Bath Tub' to automatically chill your water. 

To also order the ArcticPod, please visit the link provided below and 'add to cart':
Link to buy: ArcticPod™ - Recovery Ice Bath Tub

Why Maintaining Water Temperature Is Important

The ArcticPod Water Chiller's exceptional ability to maintain water temperature is vital for an effective ice bath experience. Consistent low temperatures are crucial for maximizing the therapeutic benefits of cold therapy. By preventing water from warming up quickly, the chiller enables prolonged exposure to cold, promoting faster muscle recovery, reducing inflammation, and alleviating soreness.

A stable water temperature ensures that every ice bath session is consistent, allowing you to plan your cold therapy routine more efficiently. This temperature control also minimizes the need for frequent water replacements, saving time and resources in the long run.


Size: 17.5*25*16cm/ 6.89*9.84*6.30inch
Weight: 4kg/ 8.82lb
Color: Black
Material: metal
Model: YI-60
Rated voltage: AC220-240V/50-60Hz
Power: 180W
Suitable for water: 1-3L/min
Suitable for water pipe: inner diameter 8mm
Structure type: sealed type
Standard cooling capacity: 120 (kw)
Input power: 200 (kw)


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